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I Was A Muslim Cleric, A Ritualist Until I Met Jesus – Afeez

I give thanks to God for this opportunity to share my testimony. My name is Solomon. A few years ago, I used to be Afeez, a Muslim cleric, commonly known as Alfa.

I did all sorts of diabolical things including rituals. I did these more than I showed people how to live.

I was under a certain Alfa whose very close friend was the Imam of Osun state. This Imam was terribly occultic. There is a certain ritual where you sacrifice your fingers for spiritual powers. You give out one and are taken to a ‘higher realm’ in the spirit. Give out another and make further progress. This Imam I speak of sacrificed the thumb in his stronger hand to get more powers. And you know the significance of the thumb; without it, you can’t handle a thing. Sacrificing such only shows how much power you desire to have.

My Alfa took me to this Imam who took us both for a meeting somewhere in Kwara. This was where I found out about the ritual he had partaken of.

I Persecuted Christians

My friends and I often took it upon ourselves to disrupt Christian gatherings. We did our best to ensure no Christian gathering held successfully around us. Whenever we found a crusade holding, we would disrupt it with cutlasses, catapults etc. We just ruined everything. This was how much I hated Christians and their gatherings.

My First Encounter with Jesus.

The first push I got towards receiving Jesus came in a dream. Before this day, I had had a dream where I found myself leading a meeting, in a church. I woke up angry and wondered why I’d have such a dream. The experience did not change much about me. I remained an Alfa after the experience. Jesus came again.

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This time, it happened during the Eid-il-Kabir celebrations in 2009. No one preached to me that day, at least not initially. I was in the mosque praying on a Sunday (in my white ankle-length clothe) when I clearly heard a voice say “you will die.”

That was shocking. I asked the person next to me if he’d heard what I did and he gave a negative response. I heard it repeatedly, “you will die, you will die,” so much that I couldn’t conclude my prayers. Instead, I stood up and took a walk. I walked on for a bit until I got to the front of a church where a meeting was holding. Then I heard the same voice I’d heard at the mosque say “enter into that church now.”

I argued. How could I who hated Christians so much go into a church building? What would I seek? This ‘voice’ was evidently stronger than my will, so, with much hesitation, I stepped in.

The first thing I heard from the man on the platform as I stepped in was, “today, we would be receiving a visitor who has never stepped into this place.” That couldn’t have been coincidental. I heard him say again, “the Spirit of God says you will receive a visitor now.” This made a significant impression on me. As God would have it that night, I was found to be the visitor. I was ministered to and I received Jesus. This did not come without a price.

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The Prices I have had to Pay

I went ahead and burnt my charms – those meant for me and those meant for people who sought empowerment from me.

After the news reached home that I had received Christ, I received several spiritual attacks. My grandfather established Islam in the town where I stayed as a child. There was a certain fear in my family that if we received formal education, we may receive knowledge that would make us eventually deny many of the things we believed in. Therefore, back in my hometown in Iwo, my grandfather prevented us from attending any school. We only attended an Arabic school. I struggled with learning this Arabic part, and despite being punished severally, I still couldn’t comprehend it. But when it came to rituals, I did ever so well.

When my family heard that I had given my life Christ, I was attacked severally especially by my dad, even though it was not just him. None of this made me turn back though. The reality of what I had found made me stay.

I remember once, my uncle’s wife called me on the phone, asked and confirmed that I was now a Christian. She was displeased and made a pronouncement over me. Not long after she dropped the call, I felt a weird cold come over me. I began shivering immediately. I was a young believer who knew so little. But at the time, I’d come to know of Psalm 23 which was what I read. I have done rituals, so I know the power of incantations and declarations. Psalm 23 became my incantation that day. So I read out the Psalm in Yoruba. That was all it took for the cold to leave. Not many days later, I called the same woman and found out she had gotten terribly sick.

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Another time, at my place of work, some of my colleagues connived against me. They made a ritual against me which caused my legs to swell all of a sudden. This happened a few days after I had gotten some olive oil from a friend in Church which my pastor prayed over. I took this oil and anointed my legs with it and it reduced again. When my colleagues who had connived against me saw how their plans failed, they returned to confess and plead for forgiveness. I did forgive them. It’s the life Jesus had taught me to live.

The Lord’s Constant Assurance

It’s weird how the Lord assures us of His support and presence. Despite that my dad hated my decision to accept Jesus, it was somehow his image with which I received the encouragement to press on. I had a dream where he came to me and said, “no matter what you suffer, this is the true way, don’t turn from it.”

I had done terrible things before meeting Christ. I had made concoctions, incisions, and rituals for people (even some who claimed to be Christians) who wanted fame, influence, prosperity etc. So, I find it rather pitiable when people live oblivious to the reality of the spiritual warfare happening around us.

Despite the challenges, I have had beautiful affirmative experiences in Christ, enough for me to know that He is indeed the way, the truth, and the life. Through me, my only younger sister who was also a Muslim gave her life to Jesus and still is a follower of His till today.

Despite the challenges, I have had beautiful affirmative experiences in Christ, enough for me to know that He is indeed the way, the truth, and the life.Click to Tweet

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7 thoughts on “I Was A Muslim Cleric, A Ritualist Until I Met Jesus – Afeez

  1. Awesome testimony.
    God will keep you to the very end.
    Blameless and spotless before him.
    And to the team bringing this to us.
    We are blessed.
    Once again, I see that Jesus is Lord over all

    1. An amazing one. I experienced a range of emotions just listening to him (and his interpreter) share his testimony. 😀

      I was so glad I obeyed Dad’s instruction to speak with him and have him share.

      Thanks for your comment, Sayo.

    1. 🙂 The far-reaching nature of His love, meeting us at our lowest and bring us to the highest place in Him. His love is awe-mazing!

      Thanks for your comment, Esther.

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