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Abba Father is with you, guides you, awe 365

Father Is With You

Day 338
Verse of the day:

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.

Psalm 32:8

When Jesus lived on earth, He did not navigate His life on earth alone. Abba was with Him every step of the way, leading Him and showing Him what to do per time. Jesus was not at any time confused but was filled with light and clarity about Abba’s heart towards Him. Abba showered Him with abundant love and favor, and constantly affirmed His presence in Jesus’ life. Jesus lived a life filled with peace and was at rest, even when He faced opposition from those who didn’t believe Him.

Jesus came also to show how Abba’s love is made manifest to a son on earth. This means that Abba would not be to you less than who He was to Jesus. He will do for you and in you all that He did for our savior and brother Jesus, simply because now, you have become a son. Abba loves you passionately and His greatest demonstration of this is a sacrifice that was displayed for all to see on the cross!

Therefore, do not be in doubt about His heart towards you. The above scripture echoes His voice, reflects His will for you and declares again, His promise to always be your guide. He is with you even when you face opposition, and it is His will that you are always filled with peace and are at rest, just as Jesus was while on earth.

On days when it seems like you cannot see Him, let His promises become the lens through which you affirm His presence in your life for He is not one to ever renege on His word. Speak His words to yourself, make melodies to Him and a joy will well up from within you leading you to a place of confident assurance that you are at the center of His will.

Beloved, Abba is with you.

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Today’s Prayer 

Daddy, I love you! Thank you for Your promise to always be with me. I see what You’re doing in my life, and I rest in the knowledge that You are for me, always.

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