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My Salvation Story is an initiative established with the goal of influencing a generation of people to experience and find joy and happiness in a personal and intimate relationship with God.

We employ new media in showing the realness of Jesus, the beauty of an intimate relationship with Him, and the wisdom of God for daily living present in His Word.

1. Salvation Stories

We show the realness of Jesus by sharing inspiring Salvation Stories Of people who have experienced His transforming power at work in their lives.

We receive these stories from our Contributors via:

  • Direct interviews with believers who are willing to share their stories with us.
  • Email – we also receive submissions via email. Details of how this can be done are available on our Get Involved page.

2. AWE 365

We inspire growth in the faith of Christ by sharing Daily Love Notes from Father to you. AWE 365 runs like a devotional, with daily verses, short written pieces and daily confessions on foundational teachings of scripture.

3. Most Intimate Moments (MIM)

We share believers' personal accounts of their Most Intimate Moments With Jesus. MIM aims to portray and project the beauty of intimate fellowship with Jesus. This keeps us in constant remembrance of God's Affection for us while assuring us that we are never alone in this world.

We receive submissions for MIM just like we do for Salvation Stories.

In addition to what we do here on our website, we also hold occasional meetups where we gather together to share and pray and go forth into the world as living sacrifices to the glory of God.

We Believe...

That Jesus does not only redeem us from sin, but also redeems us to Himself, and leads us into a lifelong adventure into the Person of God. And this is why we do what we do.

Get Involved

You can get involved with what we do by sharing your Jesus story with us. Visit our Get Involved page to do so.