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Alone With Father

Day 297
Verse of the day

So He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed.

Luke 5:16

After walking through one of the towns and teaching about the Kingdom of God, it was evening, and Jesus was tired but filled with deep satisfaction in His heart. It was not that easy to be alone when in the town. Somehow, people always found out where Jesus was and sought Him out. Many brought their sick and dying to Him, and others just came to listen to Him as He taught. His heart always flowed with compassion when He saw them, and He gladly healed their diseases.

The wilderness was a good place to be with Father in prayer, and He always looked forward to these times. Father listened as His son spoke, smiled. A peaceful calm filled the atmosphere, as they took in the gentle breeze around them. They stayed that way for what seemed like ages, both in quiet communication and understanding before the Father began to speak to His son.

This was the habit of the Son to withdraw to lonely places, to be alone in the presence of His Father for the life He lived on earth, He did by watching and listening to the Father. In retreating often, He showed a good example to many who would come to believe in Him. Intimacy is cultivated in private, where hearts are poured out, and deep thoughts are communicated. The Father cherishes these alone moments.

Each time we purpose in our heart to be with Him, He hears and He comes ready to listen and to speak. In retreating to be with Father, we find strength and purpose while further deepening our communion with Him.

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Today’s Confession

Father, thank you for the gift of Your presence. Help me to draw closer in intimacy with You as I take out time to spend with You.

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