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Ask Your Father In Heaven

Day 339
Verse of the day

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!

Matthew 7:11

Sometimes it is easier for us to see God only as Almighty. We forget that He is as much God as He is a Father: our good Father. An earthly father, though sometimes selfish, will not hesitate to give the best he can afford to his child. How much more our selfless Father in heaven? Won’t He and hasn’t He given us every perfect gift in Him?

God knows the intent of our hearts and is more aware of our exact needs before we ask or even realise we need them. He is not reactive in His dealings, thus none of our needs take Him by surprise. This makes such that He doesn’t just supply what we ask but gives us the best of what we need. It is such that He doesn’t just ensure that your rent is paid, He makes provision for a house to be built at a time you do not expect it, then He comes in and lives with you; He doesn’t just provide food for the moment you are hungry but makes them available for your sustenance.  

Our Father gives us more than we can ever ask or think – the gift of salvation and of the baptism of the Holy Spirit being excellent examples. Father gives liberally. He is the giver of good gifts. No evil is in or from Him. Everyone who asks receives; anyone who seeks finds; and to anyone who knocks the door will be open in line with His will.

Therefore beloved, approach Him as much more than God. See Him as your dear ever-present Father.

References: Ephesians 3:20, James 1:5, Matthew 7:7-9

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Today’s Confession

Thank You, Father, for this gift of sonship. I am confident that listen to me always, and have given me every good gift that exists in You. I put my trust and hope in You this day, knowing that with You, I am dearly loved and cared for.

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