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Most Intimate Moments - MIM - Jesus came to me as light - Jesus appeared to me - Oto

Jesus Came To Me As Light – Oto

Jesus came to me as light. I saw His heart and I saw His smile. Light moved across His heart, from one end of it to another. It was a big heart. It seemed like […]

MSST - My Salvation Story - Christian Salvation Stories - jesus saved me from my well-cultured mess

Jesus Saved Me From My Well-cultured Mess – Adedayo

God Almighty sought me out, stepped into my well-cultured mess and totally turned me around. My name is Adedayo and over the next, I hope, few paragraphs, I will share with you my Salvation Story. Perhaps […]

Most Intimate Moments - MIM - I also went on a date with Jesus-Oto

I Also Went On A Date With Jesus – Oto

I went on a date with Jesus. On Wednesday, 2nd May, we had Bible study. I missed it because it rained heavily, but I called in to find out how it’d gone and if there […]