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Am I A Good Person?

Day 106
Verse of the day.

So He said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God…”

Matthew 19:17

Who is a good person? 

It is common to ask this question in Christian circles and get the response, “no one but God is good.” Even Jesus said the same as seen above, right?

“Does this mean that the religious or irreligious man who gives of his goods, time, knowledge and heart to help others is evil? How about someone who bears first-hand witness to an accident and hurries to assist in saving the victim(s)? Does this act still leave him as evil?”

By Jesus’ words, yes it does.

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Only God is good

Jesus’ words are clear, only God is good.

Well, doesn’t this contradict what’s written of God? How that He saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good? (Genesis 1:31) What then had transpired between these two divine descriptions of Good? What caused us to cease being good?

Clearly, the fall did.

Like we often say, God is good. Therefore, anyone who will qualify as good must be one with God and must look like Him. This means that when God looks at such a person, He sees union with Him and a reflection of His Essence and Person. This Person of God is first within where only God sees, then reflecting outwardly for others to also see and experience. Good therefore, is first inherent i.e. it is who you are before what you do and not the other way round.

“Come and I will MAKE YOU fishers of men”, is a clear representation of God’s approach to making us good. We cannot become good or righteous by our good works. No, He MAKES us good as He makes us righteous and loving. Our duty is to submit ourselves to receive His workings in us and then carry out works commensurate with this state of being. This is the only form of good that lasts the test of time and eternity. All other forms of righteousness have no effect and receive no reward beyond time.

Why do you call Me good?

Jesus did not deny being good. When He asked “why do you call Me good?”, His intended message was, “do you realize that by calling Me good, you affirm that I am God by your words although you often deny? For none else is good but God.”

Do you desire to be good? Come to Jesus. God can do no work in you except by Him.

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Like we often say, God is good. Therefore, anyone who will qualify as good must be one with God and must look like Him.Click To Tweet


Today’s Confession:

Jesus, You are my Lord. I believe in my heart that You were raised from the dead. You alone are good and by You, I am made good.

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