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Be Drunk

Day 222
Verse of the day.

And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit

Ephesians 5:18

Nature abhors emptiness. In any space of time, it is impossible for a void to exist. You are either filled with one or filled with another.

This reality was what Jesus explained to His disciples in Luke 11:21-26. We see in this scripture that when a demon leaves a man, it will go for a while and return. If the house is empty (and cleaned up in fact) when it returns, the demon will gather seven worse demons than itself so that the state of that person is worse than when they started out.

This would have been different if the demon had left and come back to meet an occupant, especially one stronger than it, as seen in verse 22. It did not matter in the end in fact that the house was cleaned up but all that mattered to the demon was, “is the house empty?”

Our scripture text for today points to this same principle. You are either full of the Spirit or filled with something else. The matter is not that you should not be filled with wine. After all, God could have easily told us, “Don’t be drunk with wine,” and end there.

The question isn’t “what are you NOT filled with?” but it is “what ARE you filled with?” It is impossible for one to go the indifferent route and say, “I’m not drunk with wine and I’m not filled with the Spirit either, so I’m good.” There is no space for that.

We should understand at this point that “wine” here isn’t just referring to alcohol. It means anything that intoxicates, any form of “lust” and pleasure outside God. Because the heart of drunkenness is lust and desire for more. This “drunkenness” is wasting our lives on what is not eternally relevant. It is thirsting, desiring and pursuing anything outside God.

Instead of being intoxicated with wine however, God wants us to be filled – yes drunk! – with His Spirit. He wants us to thirst, desire and pursue Him alone, having our fill of Him. His desire is that we would be under His influence at all times, having drunk at the rivers of the pleasures that are forever at His right hand.

And because there can be no vacuum, when we are filled with the Spirit it is impossible for any lesser thing to occupy us.

Every moment, every day, God’s call rings out to us, “Come! Drink and be drunk with my Spirit!”

References: Luke 11:21-26, Isaiah 55:1

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Today’s Prayer

Father, I thirst for You alone. Fill me to overflow. I drink of the river of Life and live under the influence of the Spirit today.

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