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Before You Express Yourself

Day 138
Verse of the day.

So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath;

James 1:19

The term “express yourself” is very common and it has driven more and more people to seek ways to show who they are and what they are thinking. However, Children of Light are not quick to “express themselves” but to first behold what is being expressed.

It takes a humble heart to hear. Listening humbles us, proving more and more that we don’t have all the answers and neither do we understand the intricacies of life: both divine and physical. It gives us the heart disposition of a child: always amazed and interested in what is before them.

No wonder Jesus kept saying, “He that has ears to hear, let him hear.” This “ear” is not the physical one, for those He spoke to were obviously not deaf. Then why tell them again, “if you have ears, hear me”? It was because He wanted them to hear Him with their hearts. He knew that what was being expressed required an open, humble heart disposition.

Our text today says “swift to hear”, not just “listen”. It is one thing to listen, and quite another to hear. Listening is great and is the first step but it takes a humble heart to truly hear. This hearing is applicable in our relationship with people and mostly in our relationship with God.

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God has great things to say, great things to show us especially about Himself. Too many times we think we know what we want to tell Him, how we want to say it and talking to God is great but it must trail behind our hearing.

When we relate with people, God will have us hear them. What they say can be a blessing to us or it can help us be a blessing to them. It is only after we’ve listened and heard them that we may speak and oh, what grace will proceed from our lips! Why? Because we stopped to hear them on a heart level and we were also willing to hear God direct us in our response. Is there any wonder why anger then comes up in the rear of this arrangement? When we hear, it informs our speaking and then we become slow to get angry. But usually, when we have passed the threshold of hearing on a heart level, anger fades away.

May we be as the flowers, open to life and from life received, give off beautiful scents to all around.

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When we relate with people, God will have us hear them. What they say can be a blessing to us or it can help us be a blessing to them. Click To Tweet


Today’s Confession

Father, my heart is open to hearing from You. From this day, the ears of my heart are open to hearing from You and from everyone I interact with.

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