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Drawn Into The King’s Courts.

Day 29
Verse of the day.

“…and behind the second veil, the part of the tabernacle which is called the Holiest of All,”

Hebrews 9:3

When we read through Exodus, we quickly sense God’s attention to detail. But does this mean God is really particular about cubits, colours, and arrangements? Well, maybe, but there is more. These things were painted as a shadow of what was to come; which is Christ.

In the old covenant, only the high priest was allowed access into the Holiest of All and this was only once a year. In this new covenant, we are graced to find ourselves in an entirely different position.

The book of Esther tells the beautiful story of God’s redemptive power. In Esther 5:1, we’re told that Queen Esther stood in the inner court of the king’s palace to plead the cause of the Jews and was spared death because she found favour in his sight. Any other person who dared that would have risked death. Only those summoned by the king could come; those with whom He was pleased.

This story points us clearly to what Jesus did for us; we could not please God by ourselves so Christ gave Himself as a sacrifice well pleasing to God on our behalf, granting us access into the courts of the King of kings.

There is a place where no one except the High Priest has access to; there is an inner court of the King’s palace that only Jesus can enter. Hence, the beautiful illustration of the veil being torn in two at His death.

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But Christ didn’t go in alone: He drew us in too! He brought us into His banqueting hall (Song of Solomon 2:4), lifting a banner of love over us. We who were once so far away, He drew into the deepest, most secret place in Him.

However, a lot of times, we decide to stay in the outer courts. We shy away from the King’s courts and turn down His invitations to feast at His table. But in His Love, the King seeks us out daily, drawing our hearts to the need to go deeper into Him.

Will you heed His call today?

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We could not please God ourselves so Christ gave Himself as a sacrifice well pleasing to God on our behalf, granting us access to the courts of the King of kings.Click To Tweet


Today’s Prayer

Lord, thank You for calling me into your most Holy Place. Give me the grace today to recognize this great privilege and seek to go even deeper in You.

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10 thoughts on “Drawn Into The King’s Courts.

  1. wow! I have never seen Esther 5:1 in this light before..This is buttressing the fact that the old testament was also about Christ.. Thanks for sharing. God bless you

    1. Faith, I too had never seen it that way. It was an unraveling. And yes, every scripture is about Him. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  2. Reading from the first line, I began thinking, with so much gladness, “Oladayo, Oladayo, what have you done?” You gave this new yet ancient light to Esther 5:1, clearly buttressing how all of Scripture – as Faith as rightly said – eventually leads us to Christ, if we allow ourselves be led aright.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful piece. God bless you.

    1. “If we allow ourselves be led aright,” Amen to that MichaEl. He alone reveals the old and new in every line. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Reading this, Paul Wilbur’s song begins to play in my heart…

    I enter into the Holy of Holies,
    I enter through the blood of the Lamb;
    I enter to worship You only,
    I enter to honour I Am…

    A beautiful song, but even more beautiful is the reality that is the life I now live through Christ Jesus.
    Hallelujah! Thanks for sharing, Oladayo 🙂

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