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Early Satisfaction

Day 149
Verse of the day

O satisfy us early with your mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days!

Psalm 90:14

Like God, man, from the beginning, was created to desire satisfaction. All that he does always have a deep yearning towards satisfaction. He goes here and there looking for things that would give him pleasure, yet, he finds no satisfaction in or by those things. It is usually like a child who gets a new toy. At first, it is everything to him, until he gets tired and seeks for something else. This is so because we were not made to find fulfilment in earthly things. It is not in our makeup. We cannot be enriched by the mundane things in life. They are never enough.

An unpardoned sinner is never contented. He is constantly in fear of what is to come and seeks out what will give him the fulfilment he so desires. However, when someone finds God’s mercy, he is so overjoyed and satisfied.

In an article on John Bunyan, it was stated that he said when he found mercy, he was so glad that he could have told the ploughed land what God had done for him and how glad and happy he was, now that he was a pardoned man. At salvation, the saved need to know that he has received a never-ending joy.  It is like a river that flows day to day. It is necessary to know this early and be constantly reminded that such mercy is unfailing and never-ending.

The water which quenches our thirst constantly flows, not from a reservoir but an inexhaustible fountain of living waters. When we constantly find satisfaction in God’s unfailing and enduring mercy, we will be totally free – free from the anxiety and cares of this life, free from the fear of losing what we love. In this way, we can enjoy God’s peace and joy that abounds through Christ Jesus.

A feeling of being unpardoned or insecurity in Christ puts us in bondage. But an early realization of God’s constant mercy brings us joy and gladness that cannot be taken away, a joy that allows us to grow in intimacy with God all our days, regardless of the state in which we find ourselves.

References: Revelations 4:11, Ecclesiastics 3:11, Lamentations 3:22.

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The water which quenches our thirst constantly flows, not from a reservoir but an inexhaustible fountain of living waters.Click To Tweet


Today’s Confession

Dad, we are satisfied early with your mercy. Don’t allow us ever forget that we can only find satisfaction in you.

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