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Eternal Life Through Christ

Day 69
Verse of the day.

And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.

John 17:3


Jesus was emphatic in His definition of eternal life. Eternal life IS the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. The knowledge of God and Jesus Christ is NOT A PREREQUISITE for eternal life. No, the knowledge of God IS eternal life.

This makes clear that this Life doesn’t come when you leave the earth for Heaven. No, you receive eternal life through your faith in Jesus, and you live out that life by continuously knowing God.

Jesus possessed eternal life as He walked this earth as human (John 17:2), and He is able to give this Life to as many who are given Him by the Father – as many who believe in Him.

That They May KNOW You

Knowing God is not a thoughtful knowing of the mind. Oh, I know that God is Love, and He loves me so much. I know that He is Truth and never lies. I know that He is Light and in Him is no darkness… Saying these will have no effect on the life of God in you if they only reside in your thoughts. The knowing that is eternal life is an intimate experiential knowledge of God.

Ideally, no one knows a husband more than his wife, and no one knows a wife more than her husband. Eternal life is such intimate experiential knowledge of God – where He knows you and you know Him too. It is knowledge born of tests and victories, trials and triumphs, persecutions and endurance, joy and pain, personal dealings and experiences, all in the Beloved.

As far as Jesus was concerned, the Father was as real to Him as anyone He physically interacted with. This is the life we have been called to live. Knowing God that intimately even while we walk this earth.

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Often, we place unworthy things in the position of God. Jesus recognized this. He, therefore, made clear that eternal life comes from knowing the ONLY TRUE GOD. Intimately knowing or engaging yourself or any other subject matter of great admiration or detest never produces eternal life. Only the true God does.

And JESUS CHRIST Whom You have Sent.

Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension constitute the gateway to eternal life. You cannot come to the Only true God except through Christ (John 14:6). Faith in Him grants you access to this Life of God which you must forever engage.

This assures us of our position in God. And rather than spend time praying not to miss heaven when we leave this earth, we give more attention to engaging the life of God in us and exploring a world, which we already are citizens of.

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As far as Jesus was concerned, the Father was as real to Him as anyone He physical interacted with. This is the life we have been called to live. Knowing God experientially while we walk this earth.Click To Tweet


Today’s Confession:

I have eternal life in Jesus Christ, and by Your grace, I will daily grow in the knowledge of God and Christ Jesus my God.

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2 thoughts on “Eternal Life Through Christ

  1. Today’s reading unlocked a deeper understanding.
    Having come across his verse before, I questioned as I read this post (for the first time) , why it didn’t just stop at “…knowing the One True God”. Jesus is God. So is the Holy Spirit. They are One. Why did the verse have to mention Jesus particularly?
    I understand now. Jesus said it Himself. “I AM THE WAY” – the Only Way to the Father. We can only come to love and know and trust God through Him Who has made the sacrifice that grants us access.
    This is why many other religions miss the mark. They factor Jesus out of the equation and are trying to go to God directly or through some other way. You can’t do that. You can’t REACH Him that way.
    Remember when Paul saw the temple dedicated to “an Unknown God”? His charge to the people he met is what the world needs to hear.
    We were designed to worship something outside of ourselves, higher than ourselves… But we will keep missing the mark if we never come to Jesus and let Him lead us.

    Thank you, MichaEl.

    1. Thank you, Deborah, for these insightful words. You clearly communicated a thought I’ve held on to for a while, that MOST religious people believe to a certain degree that whatever they worship is God. This reflects some degree of sincerity on their part. A biblical expression as “right in their own eyes” backs this up.

      But outside of ourselves, we who have seen and experienced the Light of Christ must like Paul, from a place of understanding and love shine this light to them to help them see and know Christ for who He is.

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