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Cultivating Wholesome Company

Day 107
Verse of the day.

Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”

1 Corinthians 15:33

Jesus was a friend of sinners. He spent more time with the publicans – the sinful rejects of a religious society – than He did with the religious individuals. One of His guiding principles in such relationships was this; “only the sick have need of a doctor. The healthy do not.”

Jesus found that being in the circle of these publicans allowed for a freer flow of Life as opposed to the desire of the religious leaders and their followers to dispute and prove a point.

If we bear this example of Jesus in mind, we will soon realize that “evil company” as used by the apostle speaks more about WHAT we company with than it does about WHO we interact with. Only when we find that certain individuals are often tied to certain evil ideas, interactions, and atmospheres do we know that it then speaks of WHO we interact with.

What ideas, thoughts, mindsets, and atmospheres do our daily interactions with friends, neighbours, colleagues, and relatives bear? These ideas are sometimes verbally communicated. Other times, they are subtly communicated by actions and inactions.

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Dwelling in an atmosphere that condones little acts of impurity and corruption, for example, will soon lead one to do the same.

You can access good or evil company through books, the internet, media. You can keep as much company with your colleague at work as you do with someone who lived decades and centuries before you were born. All you need is a book written by or about such a person and you are exposed to his reality.

Isn’t this what we do with the Bible? For in studying the Bible, we do more than read words off pages; we interact with the Person (and persons) of whom those words were written.

We will only deceive ourselves to think we can be so exposed to the company and ways of the world and still reflect the perfect Life of Christ.

So, we must abstain from evil company; or place a lid over the eyes, ears, and mouths of our hearts, if such company cannot be avoided. We must also practice exercising the authority of the Life of God in us wherever we find ourselves, just as Jesus did with the publicans. This dispels darkness and causes Light to find free course even amidst those who dwell in the dark.

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In studying the Bible, we do more than read words off pages, we interact with the Person and persons of whom those words were written.Click To Tweet


Today’s Confession:

Thank You, Jesus, for the instruction in Your Word. Like You have warned, I shun evil company and give myself to giving, receiving and fellowshipping with what edifies.

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