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Friendship with God

Day 97
Verse of the day.

And the LORD said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing,

Genesis 18:17

God is a Sovereign, all-knowing, all-powerful God. Once, when He spoke to the children of Israel, He asked, “who has advised God and told Him what to do?” (Isaiah 40:13-14). It is therefore worthy of note when God decides to reveal His plans to a man and even more, hold talks with him regarding such plans as He did with Abraham. We need to understand that this is serious.

After the fall, God became a great secret; an awful mystery hidden in the darkness of man’s wandering. In fact, Scriptures reveal that it is God’s glory to conceal a matter (Proverbs 25:2). The revelation of Him was restricted to a select few occasions and people, especially seeing how He had originally been so open to man.

But then, this same God, on the verge of sending destruction on sinners decided to consult with a man before taking action. Why?


Abraham had walked with God to a place where God could call him His friend. He was known of God. This knowing was not just by God’s omniscience but it connotes a special love, an intimate knowledge of Abraham. So, because Abraham feared Him, because he delighted in God’s glory and walked with Him, God was pleased to reveal this secret to him.

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God knew Abraham was a just man who would intercede for others, He trusted Abraham enough to handle the matter as it would please Him because they were close enough. It is an established social rule that you don’t tell your secrets to strangers. Even humans understand this.

God wants us to be His friends, to have access to His very heart. He has called us friends (John 15:15) and declared this friendship a secret-revealing relationship. However, our friendship with Him is not only to be proclaimed but claimed when we walk into what has been handed freely to us.

Not every believer walks in this reality already given. It takes one who has boldly claimed this promise, relentlessly crossing the threshold from being just a follower; one who has walked the “abiding” path and has been obedient-by-love, to be His friend.

Simply put, the secrets of God belong to those who fear Him and abide in His secret place.

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Today’s Confession

Father, thank You for calling me Your friend. I receive grace to abide in Your secret place and to consistently walk with You.

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