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Grasses And Flowers

Day 37
Verse of the day.

“The grass withers, the flower fades,
But the word of our God stands forever.”

Isaiah 40:8

Everything God created possesses a form of glory. All flesh is (like) grass, and its loveliness (glories) is like the flower of the field (Isaiah 40:6). So, whether we possess glories or not isn’t really up for contention. The true contention lies in these: How valuable is your glory? How substantial is it? And for how long will it last?

When you look around, you will find how the things of the world only take so long to shine before eventually being put aside. From fashion trends to technologies, to ideologies, music etc. The world and its things have little or no sustaining capacity. This is why it keeps falling apart – even now.

After the fall, the world became perverted which was once created and perfected through God’s Word. It took that same Word, Who became flesh, to bring us into God’s eternal design (John 1:2). Everything existing outside this Word fades away; it does not matter how wonderful or good it may seem. But man is often too blinded to see these things. Man often chases grasses and flowers at the expense of feeding on the Tree of Life.

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Will a person knowingly decide to trade in a valuable piece of pure gold for just a stick of candy? Of course not! How long does it take to finish a stick of candy?!

This is what we do when we choose grasses and flowers over God’s eternal Word. Only God’s Word passes the test of time. It is enduring, it stands sure. Others will fail, but when God speaks, it must stand!

Therefore, to last, you must actively pursue the living Word. To evidence the birthing of eternal glories in your lives as well as the lives of others, you must become deliberate in planting seeds of the eternal Word, in your life and theirs.

So, take anything in this world, plant the seed of God’s Word in it and watch it grow into a Tree leading to eternal Life.

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Today’s Prayer

Lord, thank You for the gift of Your Word. Please, open my eyes to see the passing glory of the world for what it is and help me to daily pursue what is eternal.

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