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How Well Do You Hear God Speak?

Day 59
Verse of the day.

So he said, “I heard Your voice in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself.”

Genesis 3:10

It is one thing for God to speak and yet another to hear Him speak.

Every relationship thrives on proper communication. The greater the frequency, clarity, efficacy of communication between parties in a relationship, the greater the chances of such relationship being sustained and enjoyed. Compliments are easily shared, differences communicated and solved, requests made, needs met, appreciation offered.

Our relationship with God should be no different. God is as real as anyone sitting next to you, and He desires to have the deepest levels of communication with you. We speak to Him always: through praise, thanksgiving, requests, but do we listen to Him as much as we speak? We must realize that communication with God is best two-way – isn’t that how it is between a loving Father and child? He cuddles us in listening to us speak. It gets better when we hear Him speak.

When you hear God speak, it brings you to a realization of who you are and where you stand with Him. This is seen in the verse of the day, but unlike the fallen man, the reality of your union with Christ never requires you to run and hide, but rather come to God as Father. Hearing God speak helps us know how loved by Him we are and how highly He regards us.

It’s great to have your needs met by God, but greater to hear Him speak clearly to you. Or which would you rather have: a Father who supplies you with what you need and leaves you to do life on your own, or One who supplies you with what you need and desires to do life with you, being greatly involved in your life – teaching, counseling, offering wisdom, direction, knowledge He gained through personal experiences?

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God isn’t speech impaired. He doesn’t always need a spokesperson to communicate with you. God speaks every possible language you can think of – He speaks languages you know nothing of. He, therefore, doesn’t always need an interpreter for Him to get you to understand Him. What does this mean? You don’t need to always hear God through a preacher friend, a prophet or teacher. Often, God desires private intimate moments to communicate with you alone. He is more of a Speaker than you know, and you really must learn to listen, hear and receive.

You must not only pray aloud in the evenings and mornings and afternoons, and nights. You must also listen through these times. Why? God is more willing to speak than You are. And His speech must no go begging.

How well you listen to God cannot really be qualified by time, but you must listen to Him as often as you can. Listening helps you have a closer walk with Him. The beauty of His utterances makes you listen even more. Listening to Him grants you light, illumination, clarity of purpose, and strength in your love walk with Him and those you interact with. You live in constant expectation that Jesus could show up any minute to talk and have a laugh with you.

You must harness the strength that God’s word supplies, by listening to Him as often as you can. This will bring you so much peace, rest, trust, joy, love, laughter, music, and strength to serve. These and so much more are embedded in His utterances. So please listen, listen, listen and receive as often and much as you can from God’s infinite supply of Life through His utterances.

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Today’s Confession

You have the ears of my heart, Lord, my full attention. Speak. I’ll listen, hear and act accordingly.

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