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You Are Light! Shine!

Day 18
Verse of the day.

And he said unto them, is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? And not to be set on a candlestick?

Mark 4:21

Jesus told the parable of “The sower” to the multitude who had gathered to listen to Him. He mentioned “seeds” falling by the wayside, stony grounds, amidst thorns and on good soil.

The word of God comes to us every time and in different ways; it could be through the Preacher in the church, or a still small voice in within, maybe via a thread on Twitter or a post on Facebook, or while reading your Bible.

The development (growth and effectiveness) of the seed, representative of God’s word is dependent on the land it falls on, which is you.

Some seeds fall by the wayside – to those who are neither here nor there (Revelation 3:15), these are those who are comfortable with watching life pass. They won’t even light their candle, hence no one sees their light.

 First Of Lights

Some seeds fall to those who are always there in the moment – it is fine to be there in the moment, but what happens when the moment passes? These are the stony grounds which seem comfortable and effective the moment the word comes to them, but WHEN the sun comes out, when things get rough, they can’t stand and turn away from the word of God. This category will put out the light once the flame scorches their skin.

Another category hears the word but doesn’t absorb it because there are too many things competing for their attention – life, time, lust, sin, riches, mammon. They find it easy to toss the word aside so they can focus on the things they can acquire now. You only live once, right? They’d light their candle initially but once they see a flashlight, they’d go after the latter.

Finally, there are those who hear the word and receive it into their heart. They meditate on it and bear fruits for others to benefit from. They light their candle and put it in the room so all can see and when it is about to go dim, they set oil into it, so it remains ablaze for all (Matthew 5:16).

Don’t hide that light; Shine!

The development (growth and effectiveness) of the seed, representative of God's word is dependent on the land it falls on, which is you.Click to Tweet
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Today’s Prayer

Father, by Your strength, my light shines before men. My resultant good works cause them to glorify You, now and ever.


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