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Listening And Obeying The Voice Of Truth

Day 38
Verse of the day.

Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left.

Isaiah 30:21

Man is swayed by many things – actions, reactions, decisions, inactions, situations etc. It is never easy to stick to one ideology/philosophy/choice and live by it all the days of our lives because we are constantly changing and evolving.

God foresaw this fickle nature that has now become a character flaw in us and made provisions for it. Based on the verse under consideration, we find;

  • Man is naturally very likely to sway from the path that leads home
  • The Holy Spirit is ever present to keep us on that path

Being successfully kept on this path is subject to our ability to LISTEN and OBEY the Voice of Truth. We hear a lot of things from God, sometimes expressly, other times in passing. But, do we obey the things we hear?

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Why do we sway?

Sinful by fallen nature.

Without God’s saving grace and guidance, we by fallen nature are sinful. The nation of Israel in scripture prove this time and time again. Despite having tasted of heaven’s manna, and generally being brought to a place of rest, they still swayed. In the brief period Moses went to commune with God on the mountains (Exodus 32:1), the Israelites had erected another God for themselves.

Prone to distractions.

The distractions of the world also play a very important role in causing us to sway from the plans of God. The busyness of life, constraints of relationships, frustrations, and disappointments in legitimate engagements all serve as propellants to making other choices besides God.

Obeying the voice of Truth.

However, the presence of the Holy Spirit is the voice of Truth which would always provide caution and redirect on the path of purpose which He has chosen for us, as long as we LISTEN and OBEY. We mustn’t like Pharaoh, listen one minute and change our minds the next. Christ isn’t just Redeemer; He is Redeemer and Master.  Regarding Him as Redeemer and not Master will only make you reprobate (Romans 1:28). God is neither a fan of disobedience or delayed obedience.

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Today’s Prayer

Father, help me to listen to that still voice and obey it to keep me on the path that leads Home to You.

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5 thoughts on “Listening And Obeying The Voice Of Truth

  1. Thank you, Tomi!

    Heard someone share about 2 years ago, “Christ is either Lord of all, or not at all”. Sometimes we are “selective” hearers or choose which instructions we want to obey. This is wrong. God has had to break me for me not just to receive certain things (with joy) but act on them as well- and I am all the better for it.
    We are hardly told about the ‘fear of God’ these days, but we need to pray for humble hearts that ‘tremble at His Word’. It takes Grace to act on His (spoken and written) Word.

    Will definitely have to read this over again. God bless you, and have a great weekend!

    1. You are right about that. There is the ability that Grace gives. Grace is also effective when we are obedient, because we can’t continue being disobedient and expect Grace to abound.

      I’m glad you were blessed by this.

      Have a great week.

  2. Thanks for this Tommy. I know there are a number of ways the Lord speaks to us, through impressions in our spirit, His word, dreams, visions, whispers and in some cases I believe, audibly. What if there are times you pray concerning something and you just dont get a response or dream or any prompting, does it mean God is silent on that issue, especially when you aren’t sure and need clarity from confusion?. Thanks.

    1. Hi Maureen,

      Yes, the Lord is always speaking to us and I am glad you recognize that. In response to your question, I have come to see and from experiences involving me and others, I have come to understand that “WAIT” is also an answer from God. Most times, It seems like God is silent to our prayers or request but the reason we feel that way is because we don’t get the answer YES or NO. One sure thing is when God said “I’ll never leave thee nor forsake you” in Hebrews 13:5, it is because He meant it. As long as you are in line with God, that period of silence is actually not radio silence because He is with you in it, He is just making you “WAIT” for the gift He has prepared. A lot of things with God are orderly and they take their time, it’ll run its course so that in the end, we might be lacking nothing. So, when the response seems bleak or silent, it is because there is a reason why you are in that season and it is important to stay attached to Him so as not to lose sight of what you are waiting for.

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