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Loving Like Jesus

Day 60
Verse Of The Day.

This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

John 15:12

This is My Commandment, that you love one another

Jesus’ words exude such confidence that we must note. His instruction came with much assurance of its possibility of fulfillment. There were no “ifs” or “maybes”, no “try” or hesitation. He said those words with absolute assurance that we can love.

If you know anything about God, you will agree that He is not a tyrant who gives instructions we cannot obey. He does not point to a path He will not lead us into. This is what makes the Life of following Christ so reassuring, for it is not about following a set of rules but about following the person of God who leads and teaches us to live as He pleases.

As I have loved you

Now, it is not enough for us to love. Christ qualifies the Love He expects of us. He saw our tendencies to settle for a love which is less than His expectations. Sees the ease with which we give in to a love that celebrates us above others, a love that wants to hold on to hurt and anger, a love that will not speak the truth about others and about itself, a love that wants to hide in the shadows of comfort. A love that withholds itself and gives only when it senses it will be received. A love that is sensual, in that it only responds to what it can see, responds when it is appreciated, seen and loved back. A love everyone celebrates.

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Jesus sees.

So, He set a mark for us – a standard – so we don’t go around beating the air. We know what we seek. Christ’s Love – that we love others as He has loved us – with such love that gave all that there was to give; even the gift of Him who is God Himself. Such love which prayed for and washed the feet of His disciples – even those of the one He knew would betray Him. Love that forgives every wrong we do against Him, casting it into the sea of the forgotten. Love that is relentless, willing to be humbled and made a fool, for the good of others. Love that cares for and unashamedly celebrates others like they were you. Love that teaches the Father to a lonely, homeless, weary soul.

Even without guarantee of response.

Such love does He confidently asks of us, knows that since it happened in Him, He can make it happen in us also.

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Today’s Declaration

Father, thank you for loving me so wholeheartedly. Henceforth, I walk in Your Love towards everyone I come in contact with. Amen.

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  1. “He said those words with absolute assurance that WE CAN LOVE”
    A most beautiful saying, this.
    Also that He “qualified” how we are to love. Simply beautiful 🙂
    Thank you!

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