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Never Alone.

Day 21
Verse of the day.

You know my sitting down and my rising up; You understand my thought afar off.

Psalms 139:2

Nothing comes as a surprise to God. Nothing we do surprises Him. He isn’t shocked when we fall in our moments of great weakness, neither is He surprised during our moments of great triumph. He sees all, knows all, understands all. God sees you when you can’t think straight: when everything seems meaningless to you, He knows when you are scared out of your mind, He understands you when you cry. He is the nearest thing to you when struggles seem to be eating away at your sanity, the One who sees the pain behind your many smiles – pains you can’t bear to speak of, the One who is never as far away as we often imagine.

 Never Forsaken

He was there when Jesus cried, when, in secret, He wept in pain concerning the cross He was to bear. God is there with us when we cry, when we shed the tears that no one else will understand. We must learn from Jesus in these situations. He recognized the friend who is always there when no one else is, His Father, His God, and cried to Him in prayers. We also must live by the knowledge that our greatest comfort is right there with us in our closets, our secret places, the very recluses of our spirits.

This knowledge that God knows our every move and understands our every thought should cause us to wonder, and live with great assurance that there’s always Someone who lives to share in and help with our many struggles. It also keeps us in check, positioning us to act right when we are alone in secret with no one watching and to maintain the purest motive in everything we do.

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Today’s Prayer

Help me, Father, to live each day knowing that you are well aware of all I think, do and experience in secret and in the open.


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