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Can You Stay Believing?

Day 34
Verse of the day.

And the people complained against Moses, saying, “What shall we drink?”

Exodus 15:24

It’s never a surprise how the things we believe in our hearts come out of our mouths. Many times the children of Israel complained and grumbled and cried. And every time God responded. He came to their rescue, provided, comforted, and guided. Not long after this, we find ourselves reading the same story again. The cycle repeats itself. They still had not learned.

The Israelites had just begun their journey and were now in search of water. Just three days before this event, God had freed them from captivity in Egypt, parted the Red Sea and drown Pharaoh and his army. Exodus 14:31 records, “Thus Israel saw the great work which the Lord had done in Egypt; so the people feared the Lord, and believed the Lord and His Servant Moses.” But about 72 hours later, they were faced with what seemed to be a smaller challenge and they began to complain.

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What Happened?

Let’s not be quick to judge the Israelites. We are all susceptible to doing the very thing God was displeased with them about. God sees us through one challenge or difficult season, another comes (and they always do), and we find ourselves questioning Him, doubting His ability to get us through and to all He has promised. We don’t stay believing.

The Root

God had said He was bringing them into the Promised Land. Why then would He let them perish along the way? No matter what had come up during their journey, they could at least have held on to that promise. No wonder Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and Caleb fell on their faces and tore their clothes after one such outburst by the people in Numbers 14. They reacted that way because they knew the source of this attitude. “Only do not rebel against the Lord…”, they pleaded with the people.

Unbelief is an inward rebellion against the true knowledge of our God- the One Who is Mighty to save, the One Whose Words are ever true. The question they asked in the reference text wasn’t directed at Moses. No. They were in and from their hearts, questioning God’s character.

When certain things begin to happen and I start to find it a little hard to stay in faith, I remember the words of a song from when I was a lot younger:

Whose report will you believe?
(I shall believe the report of the Lord)

His report says I am healed (filled, free)
His report says victory

Some days that’s all you will have to hold on to- the report of the Lord. His Word, His promises, and His integrity. He never says what He cannot and will not do. Stay believing.

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Today’s Prayer

Dear Father, help me, when I face hard times, not to forget all the things You have seen me through and promises You have made.

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9 thoughts on “Can You Stay Believing?

  1. This couldn’t have been better written or timed. You are blessed Deborah. Absolutely, wonderfully and amazingly blessed. Thank you!

  2. We’re a lot like the Israelites. Sometimes I wished for a time machine to take me to their days so I could give them a piece of my mind, then I remember how flawed I am even in these days when God does a lot for me and I’m panicking the next minute when things don’t go my way. Lol. We need to stay believing. God really doesn’t have time for this double mindedness.

    Great post!

    1. Thank you so much, Tomi 🙂
      “God really doesn’t have time for this double mindedness.” True. So very true.

  3. I took something home from this, Deborah, and that is a clear picture of how much of a confrontation it is to doubt God’s word. It’s almost like one’s saying: “Hey God, that statement you made, what if there’s a chance you lied or are unable to accomplish it?”

    Imagine saying that in words! I guess that’s what we indeed do when we doubt.

    1. Doubting God breaks His heart. But He is ever so merciful and patient with us.
      He knows the thoughts of our hearts and still looks at us through the eyes of Love.
      Thank you for sharing, MichaEl

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