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The Substance Of Faith.

Day 25
Verse of the day.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1

You walk into a room, sit in a chair and think about everything that can go wrong. The door could be forced open by thieves; you could get the sack from your boss any moment, it was a bad day at work, but, never for once does it cross your mind that the chair you sit on could collapse.

Isn’t that something? Right where you are this moment, do you think your chair could just collapse?

There is a level of confidence that we bestow on things that we just expect it to go right, regardless! Could you take some of that confidence and put a tiny bit of it in God? Because, that is faith. Faith is giving it to God and leaving it to Him because He has said He’ll take care of it. Because He said it – that is the substance of faith.

Some of our plastic chairs come with the engraved warning “FRAGILE”, yet we don’t mind; but with God, we just find it hard to trust Him. We should really give God more credit.

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God is a Being of faith, and doubting Him isn’t very appreciated (James 1:6-7).

I understand that it’s easy to look at all the unanswered prayers and worry about giving it all up in faith to Him, but this is exactly where He needs your faith.

If we are certain that God wants what’s best for us, then we’d understand His ‘No’ or delay in response to our needs to be for our good.

This may be difficult but there are ample examples to encourage us:

The woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8) was so confident that if only she could touch Jesus, all her issues would be over. And it was so. God loves a child who can say, believing, “I know my father and I know that He will do it.” This belief in the promise encourages you when it seems like nothing is forthcoming.

The Centurion whose servant was sick (Luke 7) displayed such great faith that made Jesus say He had not seen such in Israel.

What is that matter that won’t go away? Take it to Jesus and be bullish about your chances – He’s got this.

Have faith in God!

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If we are certain that God wants what’s best for us, then we'd understand His 'No' or delay in response to our needs to be for our good.Click To Tweet


Today’s Prayer

Father, Help me take Your Word as is and see nothing else besides it.

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