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Teach Us To Pray

Day 44
Verse of the day.

Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased that one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.”

Luke 11:1

Jesus was a man of wonder. His life evoked so much awe and perplexity from people, most of all His disciples who had greater proximity to Him. It was difficult to understand how lived; how He ensured He rose early to pray after a great crusade which ran well into the night (Mark 1:35), neither did the disciples get how He unapologetically detached Himself from people just so He could pray (Matthew 14:22-23), how he performed the miracles He did, nor the seemingly impossible words He usually brought to life.

Jesus is a wonder.

The disciples saw this and in helpless genuine desire asked:

Teach us to pray

They did not ask Jesus to teach them HOW to pray. No. They asked Jesus to teach them TO pray. In essence, they were saying, “Jesus, teach us to understand why we should pray. Teach us to begin and continue praying. Teach us to want to pray. Teach us to make prayer our lifestyle.”

The how of it was not what came first.

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You see, too many times when we receive God’s command, our inclination is to say, “Okay, so what do I do now?” It is a little different with God. God’s first priority is to give us an understanding, a desire to do what we should, as well as the enablement to do it.

When Jesus has not taught us to pray, we will seldom pray like we should. When we have not learned, from Him, to totally live dependent on the Father, we pursue performance in prayer.

“What should I say?”

“How long should I pray?”

“When should I pray?”

Prayer is a declaration of our dependence on God; a humbling of our souls. It is one of the pointers to a childlike faith. Prayerlessness is pride. A soul that recognizes how much it cannot survive, much less thrive without God, will always pray. This was how Jesus lived: totally dependent on the Father. The disciples saw this and were drawn to it, so they asked Him to teach them this life.

And this must be our request too.

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Prayerlessness is pride. A soul that recognizes how much it cannot survive, much less thrive without God, will always pray.Click To Tweet


Today’s Prayer
Lord, teach me to pray.

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  1. Thank you so much for this, ‘Dayo. I pray we see more of the wonder that is Jesus and this causes us to learn to and spend sufficient time with Him in the fellowship of prayer.

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