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Love Is The Greatest

Day 128
Verse of the day

And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13

Love is the perfect foundation on which all we do must be built. Faith and hope are necessary ingredients but none measures up to love. Unlike faith and hope, love determines our motives, the heart, which is the first thing He sees: the heart before the acts.

We may heal the sick, raise the dead, give to the poor, disciple nations, but does love lie at the foundation of these acts? Or are we merely exercising our ability in Christ, or worst still, racking up numbers for self-validation and gratification? We must work with a motive of love before we can do things with the mind of Christ.

Without faith, it is impossible to please God. With faith, it is possible to please Him. Yet, with faith, it is possible to displease Him. The third statement does not contradict the first. We may have all faith, faith enough to remove mountains, but without love, we are nothing. Faith does not determine the motive of our actions, love does. As a result, we may have faith and yet do things with intentions that displease Him.

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Love, on the other hand, defines the motive of our actions. Love makes us die daily to self, and live each day to Christ, and through Him to others. Why do you want to feed the poor? Why do you want to help the needy or do good to others? To feel good about yourself? Because He commands it? Or because you love?

The greatest of these is love…

No one stays a child forever, so we prepare to thrive as adults. As believers, we will someday spend an eternity of eternities with Him. In that time, faith and hope will fade, and only love will remain. Have you learned Love enough to thrive in that day?

Focus, learn, grow in love, from a glory of its expression to another, unto the perfect day.

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Today’s Confession

I am You and You are me, therefore I will seek to love above all else, just like you do. I’ll love You, Dad, like You love me, and I’ll love others like You love them.

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