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Athirst For God

Day 75
Verse of the day.

As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God.

Psalm 42:1

Desperate and at rest

A deer perceives water from miles away and desperately runs towards it. It seeks some quiet, a place free from distractions, and bends its neck to drink while leaving its faculties alert to any impending danger.

Our Pursuit of God and Rest in Him come off as opposites when not properly understood. We sometimes lose sight of the place of desperation in bringing us rest and relief in God. The deer desperately pants for the water brooks but restfully drinks from it. This is how we live as lovers of God.

This psalmist’s thirst reflected a display of God’s mercies towards him. Often, when God hopes to get our attention, He places a vacuum in us, a longing, a thirst only He can satisfy. When wrongly engaged, this vacuum leads to a frenzy, a disturbing concern on how to be filled. Where do I begin? one may often be tempted to wonder.

But like the deer, we must draw from His brooks in peace knowing He will fill us to overflowing. We have rest and security in desiring God.

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The secret place

The water the deer drinks from the brooks not only quenches its thirst, it hides its scent, shielding it from hunters or predators. This also finds application in our walk of faith in Christ.

There is a hiddenness that derives when we are set apart to drink of the brooks of Christ. We are invisible, lose our scent and are rid of the things we were known for. We are shielded from opposing forces of darkness because what exposed us and made us so recognizable is gone. We abide under the shadow of the Almighty, we dwell in His secret place (Psalm 91).

My soul pants for You, O God

It is one thing to desire and quite another to seek with single-mindedness. If our thirst will yield results, we must be clear and insistent on what we long for. Don’t be one who is unsure of what they seek.

God initiates our thirst and draws us to His streams where it is satisfied. This does away with our scent, that we may be hidden in Him and shielded from the darkness that preys on the undiscerning.

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Often, when God hopes to get our attention, He places a vacuum in us, a longing, a thirst only He can satisfy.Click To Tweet


Today’s Confession

Lord, I thirst for You and You alone, resting in the peace, security, and satisfaction of drinking of You until I overflow.

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