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Winning The War Within.

Day 54
Verse of the day.

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:7

Your mind is a battlefield. Look around you. You’re not in a grim dungeon. How about your hands and feet? No, no chains there. So where are the enemy’s traps? Where are his strong-HOLDS?

The Strategy to Shipwreck Your Faith

The devil plants thoughts in our minds. If we stew over them long enough, they move from just random suggestions in our heads to forces in our heart; they become life-altering principals in themselves. The thoughts of our hearts affect the way we live (Proverbs 4:23), which is why the devil often tries to hold us back through this- by attempting to feed us with his lies. He does this by clouding the mind with worries and anxiety.

Housing apprehensive and fearful thoughts within you changes your internal atmosphere. It makes it difficult for your spirit to receive from God and even when you do, the precious seeds our Father releases (as His Word) struggle to flourish. In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus tells us that cares of the world can choke the Word of God. This is one of the reasons many things we hear never bear fruit in our lives.

As much as there are contentions going on in the realms the human eye cannot see, there is a war within you as well. The lies of the enemy fight the true knowledge of God in our hearts and the confidence we have in His promises. The devil is not at all pleased that you have come to the life of faith. He can’t stop the light from reaching you but will stop at nothing to ensure it doesn’t get into you and shine through you.

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How is this possible? Can one be saved and yet live under the enemy’s control? Yes indeed! Many know the Lord and have asked Him to come into their hearts but still live under the weight of guilt and condemnation. They have read or have been told about Christ’s power to save but that Word has somehow failed to birth freedom within them. The same is true for many other such internal struggles we face.

The Peace of God is a Defense

The peace of God guards our hearts and minds. When the enemy comes to plant lies in our minds or heart, he doesn’t find a conducive place for them to thrive; the peace of God repels his works, refusing them to settle within us. The peace of God guides our hearts through Christ Jesus. Through the Prince of Peace, we wage our war. We are to cast down every stronghold and imagination that tries to exalt itself against the true knowledge of God. Our victory is in and through the Son of God.

Why Thankfulness?

In our war with the enemy, we must not worry about anything. Instead, we must tell God about it all with requests and thanksgiving. It’s always about refocusing on God. Looking out for God no matter where you are will fill your heart with songs of praise, exalting Him above all else.

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Today’s Prayer:

Dear Father, with Your written, spoken and living Word, I triumph over the enemy, his lies, and deception. Your Son Jesus, Who is the Prince of Peace, comes and reigns in my heart and helps me be still and win the war within.

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7 thoughts on “Winning The War Within.

  1. Thanks for this post, Deborah. You helped point my attention towards a most beautiful paradox in the Christian faith that hadn’t exactly stood out for me – that in Christ, we wage WAR through PEACE.

    1. “…in Christ, we wage war through peace”. Profound. Very profound.
      Thank you too, MichaEl. It’s always so beautiful when someone can help you arrange your thoughts and narrow them down to the main point(s) ^^

      1. Haha. How did I miss this?! This wouldn’t be here without your divinely inspired thoughts, Deborah. Hence we are grateful for His help and the fact that you yielded.

  2. This is very important. There’s a constant tussle within that can only be won by the peace that Jesus brings and focusing on Him maintains that peace. God bless you for this post.

    1. Very true, Ore. Your comment some reminded me of the indispensable need for focus in this war we fight, focus on the One who’s already won for us.
      Thanks for your comment.

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