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Becoming Perfect

Day 361
Verse of the day

A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone who is perfectly trained will be like his teacher.

Luke 6:40

To be perfect is to have mastered a skill unto complete understanding. A student who wants to be as skilled as his master would always need to follow in the steps of the master so as to attain perfection.

God, who is perfect and who has begotten us in Christ, desires for us to be perfect. And this can only happen when we are in His steps. We need to be aligned to His purpose and His plans for our life. When we think about it, we might argue that perfection is reserved for God as there are too many things that could trigger us off the course.

But we have a perfect example, Jesus, who lived perfectly on earth 100% human. He was touched with the same infirmities and temptations that we face, yet He was without sin. This is why we have, in Him, someone in whose footsteps we can follow as He has left us with an example.

God wants us to be just like Him while here on earth – Heaven as a reward is a cap. God wants us to walk in love. To treat our fellow humans with respect, to live in peace with all men. He doesn’t want us to go about stirring still waters or even troubled ones just because we can. He wants our life to be an offering unto Him. He wants us to walk in humility and meekness. He wants us to be moved with compassion for others and do something about their plight. He wants us to forget about living to impress the world and put the Father first. He wants us to live in the model of righteousness. Jesus embodied all these and more. He was of God through and through. This is what made Him perfect. This is what we also need to be – of God through and through. We cannot do this ourselves – He does this in us. All we need do is rest in His hands as clay to the potter.

References: Hebrews 4:15, 1 Peter 2:21

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Today’s Confession

Today’s confession: Lord, I desire to live perfect. Help me to live my life as an offering of perfection unto you.

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