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Before The Sun Goes Down

Day 229
Verse of the day

“Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath,

Ephesians 4:26

“Be angry and sin not”; this statement will most likely make us ask ‘how is this even possible?’ To answer this question, we must first know that God does get angry and then understand why He would get angry.

Righteous Anger

Several times in scriptures, we see God getting angry. When Christ was on earth, we find instances of Him flipping tables and chasing out those who turned the temple into a marketplace.

We learn two major things from this. First, it is that God’s anger is not often, it is slow in coming and quick to leave. Secondly, we see that the anger of God is rooted in His righteousness. His anger is always directed at anything that perverts or denies His righteousness and goodness. And all the time, His love is never separate from His anger.

So when God says we should “be angry”, His intention is that we would express anger at the things that make Him angry because love never rejoices in evil. But we are humans and sin has made it hard to truly be angry with righteous indignation. When we get angry, it is usually rooted in pride, selfishness, and lack of love. This is the anger we are warned against and isn’t this the anger we express more often?

Warm Blankets

Anger is like a heap of hot coals. For some people, it is fiery wrath and for others, it is a quiet burn. Whichever form your anger takes, anger has a way of making you want to hold on to it. Your heart embraces and nurses it. You feel like letting go is a sign of weakness or a betrayal to your heart.

But we are told to let go. Anger will not keep you warm at night so discard it before the sun goes down. Don’t sleep with it. It will only create room for the enemy and create a wall between you and God and build barriers in your relationships.

Anger is not your friend and it will offer you no comfort. Why not surrender your anger to God today?

References: Matthew 21:12-13, Psalm 103:8

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Today’s Prayer

Lord, I surrender all my anger to You. I ask for the grace to express what is in Your heart. Your love alone fills my heart today in Jesus’ name.

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