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Let Us Build Intimate Communities

Day 231
Verse of the day

Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common,

Acts 2:44

Often we find that receiving redemption doesn’t automatically translate into a manifest healing from all our ills, nor does it relieve us of all our cares. This is not because we do not have all that we need in Christ. No. We’d be more accurate in blaming this on how (not so) well we cast our cares on Him. Or on our (lack of) understanding of how much Christ has won for us.

One of the goals of our learning from Christ is for us to come to a place where, due to our rest in Him, we are without a burden or care in this world. But while we journey towards this end, we must currently subscribe ourselves to the act of bearing one another’s burden.

God desires that we build intimate communities, communities founded on love, communities in which we can confidently confide in one another and bear one another’s burden, a haven of peace and rest, where no one suffers in silence, a place where I can fill up what’s lacking in you and you fill up what’s lacking in me, with Christ as our source and motivation.

An absence of this community causes several of us to suffer, hurt and bear burdens alone in silence. This design is not divine. If spiritually we are all members of one body in Christ, shouldn’t that be evident in how we live and physically relate with one another?

The solutions to several of the needs of the church do not lie in some excessive spiritual exercise, the solutions lie in our willingness and obedience to the command to bear the burden of others of like faith, and to share our burdens with them.

References: Matthew 11:28,29; Galatians 6:2;

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Today’s Confession

Daddy, today heal me of the tragedy of running alone. Help me understand and become part of an intimate community of lights where Christ is our foundation and only motivation.

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