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Can You Make Jesus Stand Still?

Day 56
Verse of the day.

So Jesus stood still and called them, and said, “What do you want Me to do for you?”

Matthew 20:32

Can You Make Jesus Stand Still?

Within every second of every minute of every hour of every day, Jesus is always being thronged. By the prayers and worship of an innumerable number of saints from the foundation of faith in Him. The omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent nature of Christ makes this hardly a problem: He is always available to meet the needs of everyone at any time. Yet, why does Jesus seem nearer to some people than others? Why do the prayers of some demand more of His attention than others? Why does Jesus sometimes seem to respond to the prayers of some in seconds while He waits for ages to respond to the prayers of others? Some of His disciples heal the sick in seconds, some others wouldn’t even dream of laying hands because they know it won’t work. Why?

Is Jesus Partial?

God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.

1 John 1:5

If Jesus were partial and selective in His relationships with us, He would be unjust, and this line of scripture would disqualify Him as God. But Jesus remains Light, with no iota of darkness in Him. This also applies in His relationship with us, His body.

Embedded in the grace of God, the attention of Jesus has been freely given to all men. Barring the place of His sovereign mercies, our hearts’ disposition is a major determinant of how much of Jesus’ attention we can get. In your heart resides:

1. Your faith in coming to Jesus.

Faith is a thing of the heart. The mind only serves as a necessary help for the faith of the heart. Your life of faith in God determines how intentional, desperate and undeterred you are in your pursuit of Him. This was the strength of the blind men who caught the attention of Jesus. Their faith made them undeterred in receiving healing for their sight. Jesus saw this and it caused Him to stand still and this act eventually brought them healing. Faith from a childlike, intentional, desperate heart opens you up to receive greater portions of the attention of Jesus.

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2. Your knowledge in coming to Jesus.

The faith of these men was accompanied by sufficient knowledge for the time. Thus they had referred to Him as “Lord, Son of David.” How do you know Jesus when you come to Him? Do you know Him as Beloved, Friend, Comforter, Lover, Brother, Father, Groom? Do you have an intimate knowledge of Him? Or do you know Him only as Giver of gifts?

3. Your motive and desire in coming to Jesus.

In your heart rests your motive in coming to Jesus. If ALL you do is come to Jesus with the desire to get your perceived needs met, there’s every chance that, more often than not, you will get them met, so long they do not negate His will. The risk in this is your perceived needs get met, but nothing more follows. Rather than receive Jesus, you receive His gifts alone (Ezekiel 14:4). But when you cultivate the habit of MOSTLY coming to Jesus wanting nothing but Him and His will, You prepare yourself to receive Jesus Himself. And Jesus ALWAYS comes with gifts, even those you don’t know you need. No matter how desirable the gifts of Jesus are, they are never as enjoyable as (the gift of) His person.


In a crowd of a million people, how well will you do in making Jesus stand still? How much of His attention will you get? How much do you demand? He desires to give you limitless degrees of His attention if, in living, you seek it.

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Today’s Confession

Jesus, the eyes of my heart are on You. I am caused to see and seek You as You are. My heart longs for You, and You alone. I desire an unceasing supply of Your Love, Your grace and You.

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8 thoughts on “Can You Make Jesus Stand Still?

  1. So much illumination.
    “Nothing in this world can satisfy. Jesus, You’re the Cup that won’t run dry”. We must esteem His Presence and Person far higher and better than anything He can (and will) give, spiritual or physical.
    Thank you, MichaEl.

    1. Jesus, indeed, is the Cup that won’t run dry. His infinite desire is that we thirst. come and drink of Him till we are filled and overflow.
      Thanks for your comment, Deborah.

  2. I receive more faith(divine knowledge) that Christ may be my delight, my portion and my insatiable pursuit. Amen
    Thanks for carefully writing to us today.

    1. Amen. So be it according to your increased faith in Him, Adeyinka.
      You’re welcome, all thanks being to God.
      Thanks, also, for reading and leaving a comment behind.
      Great things are spoken of you.

  3. Powerful! Powerful! I’ve had to check my intentions and faith level this morning. I just want to make Jesus stand still – I know He has for me in time past; but how beautiful would it be for the sound of my voice to be endearing to Him. This is a blessing to me today.

    1. Hi Tomi,
      I am glad this piece blessed you and gladder that you realize how Jesus has been standing still for you long before now. O how endearing the sound of your voice is to Him as we speak. As you honor Him with more of this desire and attention I find present in your words, you’ll find greater measures of His attention will be evidently manifest towards you. For God honors those who honor Him (1 Samuel 2:30).
      Thanks for your comment, Tomi.

  4. ……
    That I do not know what to say is an expression of its inestimable impact.
    Thank God for His Grace upon you….. And thanks for sharing.

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