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Counting The Days

Day 334
Verse of the day

So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12

“Life is short.”

“You only live once.”

These are some expressions commonly used to show the brevity of life. All of us understand these things in a measure – whether we choose to admit it or not. However, do we really understand this truth enough?

The Psalmist was praying here for something seemingly simple yet very profound. From the first verse of this chapter, we see the sharp contrast drawn between God and man.

We behold the majestic splendor that is God, the One before whom a thousand years are like a day gone. And then we see Man in that same spectrum and the gap is great, as Man is relegated to a short lifespan. The mortality of man is like dream, like grasses. This gap was caused by sin.

But verse 12 shows us how we can beat death at its own game – wisdom. This wisdom begins with our faith in Christ who has defeated sin and death.

When God teaches us to number our days, we begin to gain wisdom that helps us gather life into our years. He shows us how brief life generally is and how to keep careful account of our years, thus helping us walk wisely into immortality.

This wisdom teaches us that our life really isn’t ours, and so we must live for the One before whom we will give account.

By this wisdom, we stop living for a fading world. It teaches us to live with the end in view and more importantly it shows us how to live in wonder before the face of the One who is immortal. Wisdom shows us how to walk with the Wise that we may ourselves become wise.

And as we become more aware of God’s immortality, we will live with wisdom, holy reverence and total abandon to the One who makes us also immortal.

As we become more aware of God's immortality, we will live with wisdom, holy reverence and total abandon to the One who makes us also immortal.Click to Tweet

Reference: Psalm 90:1-11

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Today’s Prayer 

Lord, teach me to live wisely with the time I have. Help me to profit with the days you have given me and not waste them on frivolities.

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