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Creation Declares His Glory

Day 306
Verse of the day

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork.

Psalm 19:1

God cannot be boxed up, He cannot be restrained or constrained to our own small world. So also, our understanding and experience of Him go beyond ourselves.

The Psalmist here calls us to behold the glory of God in creation. What do you do on a colorful morning, with the sun spreading colors across the sky like the artwork of a skillful painter? Do you casually move past a rainbow in the sky? Does the soft breeze on your face say something to you about the tender love of the Father? How about the glittering stars in the sky, do you hear them speak God’s glory? Does the hot sun evoke in you a wonder at the fiery glory of God or just an annoyance? Is the rain more than an inconvenience or a pointer to something it has to say to you about God?

Creation always speaks; day after day, night after night, in languages known all over. It speaks to those who would hear, those who would stop long enough to search out God’s glory revealed through it.

If we would open our ears and eyes, creation has so much to teach us. But sometimes we’re not listening. Or maybe it’s just that we have gotten so familiar with these things that they leave no childlike wonder in us. And this is what we must rediscover; our wonder. For even the unfailing repetitiveness of these things point us to our Father’s steadfast grace and goodness.

The sun in its exuberance comes out like a bridegroom, like a joyful champion. There is an excess supply of God’s joy, love, and power reflected in just this simple act. Yet this is one out of the many wonders we can learn from God’s handiwork.

And in days when you’re tempted to hang your head, tempted to look only around you, look up! Raise your head, lift your heart, open your eyes and ears, for there is much to be seen of God in the beauty around you.

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Today’s Prayer

Father, Your glory is revealed all around me. Give me the eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that understands what you reveal through creation.

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