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Do You Love His Commandments?

Day 305
Verse of the day

And I will delight myself in thy commandments, which I have loved.

Psalm 119:47

COMMAND – This is not one of the most endearing words anyone wants to hear. I don’t think we like being told what to do “with force” because this is what command sounds like.

However, with God, this is different. God’s commandments are an extension of His love and are not binding with force, rather when obeyed, it is a confirmation of our love for Him. If you love God, you’ll keep His commandments.

Like His yoke, His commandments are equally light. What God wants from us is to be transformed into the fullness of His Person, a Person of Love.

When you think on these things, submission becomes easy because we are submitting to His Love. God’s commandments transcend dos and don’ts. God doesn’t want to strongarm you into obedience because that is not what Love is.

His commandments are Love-based. Love oriented tasks. Love teaches us to care for our fellow humans with no form of hypocrisy. Love teaches us to accommodate others, to forgive, to be patient to be kind, to speak the truth in the face of stiff opposition, to always do the right thing because our wrong action or inaction tends to have an adverse effect on someone else.

In expressing Love to others, we are delighted because we are pleasing the Father.

Still seems hard?

Think about Jesus – all His life was dedicating to fulfilling the will of the Father (Commandments). Everything Jesus did was driven by love, submitting Himself to John the Baptist to be baptized, to blessing the young couple with fresh and renewed wine on their big day, to healing the sick and oppressed, raising the dead and eventually surrendering Himself on the cross for You and I. This is Love in submission. Love obeying. Love delights in the will of the Father because the result is always for the greater good and this is why we are here. Isn’t it?

References: John 14:15, John 14:19

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Today’s Confession

Father, help me to love Your commandments with everything I am and to willingly carry out every task before You in Love, Amen.

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