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do you practice all that you hear Jesus say? AWE 365

Do You Practice All That You Hear Jesus Say To You?

Day 356
Verse of the day

Therefore, everyone who listens to these messages of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on a rock.

Matthew 7:24

Do you really believe that Christ is the foundation of the Church, that He is the rock on which His Church is built? If so, how evident is this belief in your life? How evident is it to Him that you believe?

To hold the belief that Christ is the foundation of the Church without evidence of this belief in one’s life is to live in mere fantasy. For if we were to truly believe that Christ is the Church’s one foundation, then this same Christ would be the foundation on which our individual lives are built
— for we all put together are this Church.

It is not enough to listen, to hear Jesus as you go. How do you react when you hear Jesus speak to you? Do you practice all that you hear Him say?

To hear Him without keeping to all that we hear Him say is to build our houses on a poor foundation, something like sand. We only need a little storm to know how much of a poor decision that is.

But to stay safe in the storm, one would have to build his house on a surer foundation — a rock in the case of the verse above. Listening to Jesus doesn’t do this. Rather, listening and translating all that we hear Him say into a lifestyle of consistent practise and obedience places our houses on a strong foundation. The quality of the foundation of your house is determined by how well you practice what you hear Him say.

References: Matthew 7:26

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Today’s Confession

Lord, I commit by your strength this day to give myself to listening and doing your will. Your word will not just be sweet music to my ears but would serve as an eternal guide for how my life is lived.

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