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Do Your Words Edify?

Day 233
Verse of the day

Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.

Ephesians 4:29

Have you ever wondered how easy it is quick to speak negative words against someone who offends you? The very common thing most people do in such a situation is to attack with your words especially if you’re not a very physical person. This is fairly a natural human inclination based off our recognition of the power of words.

No one can deny the power of words. For one person it is a weapon to inspire life and positivity, for another a means to communicate negativity. However we choose to use her words, they have the potential of affecting those who hear us because words affect people beyond the body, it reaches down into their soul.

And now as believers who have received new life, it becomes expedient that we bring our members into submission to the Life we have received in Christ. All that emanates from us must be with grace. Our words must no more cause people to feel downtrodden, or do wrong, it must leave no one worse than it met them. Even when we have been offended, we must keep from communicating anything short of grace having become able ministers of grace in Christ.

Words are like swords; rather than attack people with filthy words, let us edify with our words for this will break the chains that inhibit them from living a life of grace.

A bit of positivity in our words go a long way to benefit your hearers. So rather than say to a child, “you are being heady,” you may do well to say, “you can’t be heady,” “you have to stop being heady.”

Whichever form they take, may our words always be channeled towards edification.

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Today’s Confession

Daddy, thank You for the gift to create life and influence through my words. I receive this day the grace to edify with my words. I yield myself to the leading of the Holy Spirit in how I use not just my words but my actions and reactions to circumstances. Amen.

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