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The Dry Bones Live

Day 273
Verse of the day

And He said to me, “Son of man, can these bones live?” So, I answered, “O Lord God, You know.”

Ezekiel 37:3

Dry bones portray a picture of death, lifelessness, and hopelessness which is the state of everyone who lives without Christ. The valley full of dry bones in Ezekiel’s vision represented the myriads of the eternally hopeless who live without God. Ezekiel’s vision culminated in hope of a promise that has been fulfilled in our lives through the person of Jesus Christ.

Just as He did when He raised Jesus from the dead, God has quickened us who believe in Him by the power of the Holy Spirit in us and has made us alive and able to serve Him in faith, hope, and love. This quickening unto life is the fulfillment, to a degree, of the vision of the prophet Ezekiel.

Therefore, our song should no longer be, “dry bones shall live again,” but now, having been made alive in Christ, our song must tell of the goodness of God that we now live with life in our ‘bones’ and breath in their nostrils. We are no longer partakers of death but of life. Therefore, we put off the negative mindsets and belief systems of fears, doubts, unworthiness, and all that pertains to death, and put on Christ, after whom we have been made, letting His Life find expression in us.

Now alive, we must exercise the faith which we have received until this life permeates every part of our being, and we also serve as channels through which others come to life.

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Today’s Confession

I am no longer enslaved by death but have been made alive. I do not live in fear, guilt or shame but in the faith, joy, and love of Christ my Life.

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