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Even As God In Christ Forgave You


Day 151
Verse of the day

And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32

A story that mirrors the human nature can be found in Matthew 18:24-34. In this account, MAN A, a servant owed his MASTER a huge sum and the debt was due for collection else he’d face the wrath of his master – probably get beaten and thrown into jail. He threw himself on the floor and begged for forgiveness and not only was it given to him to curtail his due punishment, his debts were totally written off. WOW! This said MAN A stepped out of the Master’s home and ran into MAN B who owed him a meagre sum, he laid claim on MAN B, had him beaten and thrown into prison despite his plea for forgiveness. When the Master heard this, He was upset and had MAN A receive his due punishment.

Why do we find it hard to forgive and show mercy? 

Naturally, forgiveness is not the easiest thing to do. We must be realistic about this fact. When someone hurts you, there is the tendency to not only feel pain in that instant but further ruminate on the scenario thereby welling up the anger and disappointment inside of us. This pain leads to a bottled up feeling that prevents the heart from letting go and holding the person who has disappointed us ‘prisoner’ which is ironic because you are the one who feels the pressure and torture. The torture of being disappointed leads to negative emotions.

Should we feel this way?

Absolutely not! Negative emotions have a way of leading us to make bad decisions. Imagine if someone who had the power to do and undo anything retained negative emotions against us? We’d be destroyed in seconds. God sent Jesus as a remedy for all our iniquities so that our sins would not keep up away from Him. In the same vein, as Children of God, Forgiveness is a nature we must wear. Forgiveness enables us to extend kindness and mercy and kindness to others just as God did to us. We can’t claim to be God’s children if we act as MAN A who couldn’t forgive MAN B (others) when the MASTER (God) clearly forgave us.

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Today’s Confession

Lord, I am your child. I receive the Grace to forgive, release and show mercy. This day, I forgive _______

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