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Day 332
Verse of the day:

For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.

Matthew 12:50

In making this bold statement, Jesus reversed the natural order of things – He put his spiritual brothers and sisters in positions often culturally reserved for those related by blood. However, He was not disregarding his biological family, He was introducing a new way of life that would take its full form after His death and resurrection. When we gave our lives to Christ, we became born again into a family that will last for eternity. While we are commanded to love and honor our biological family members, we must remember that we are have a spiritual network of people to whom we also belong.

To further illustrate this, the bloodline that binds natural families together can be likened to the life that flows from Abba to each one of us. Yes, beloved! We are that related. If one takes a posture from the Father’s perspective – one would see that He does not discriminate according to physical measures. He calls “son” everyone who believes in Him through Jesus Christ. Thus, as sons of your Father, everyone who believes and is saved is your very own brother and sister.

Some of us have had practice showing graciousness to and also receiving from our biological family members. We should also desire to extend that graciousness towards our family in Christ. In drawing closer to Father we all receive grace and a largeness of heart that we may also love our Spiritual family the way He loves them.

Beloved, you are surrounded by many brothers and sisters who are gifts from Father Himself. Desire to continually love them and delight as Abba loves them. Still, don’t stop there – allow your heavenly Father to show you His love through them too. 

You are precious.

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Today’s Prayer 

Daddy, I am thankful for the lovely ones you have surrounded me with. Like you, I want to be quick in forgiving, and be gracious in blessing my spiritual family. Help me to show Your love to them even as I continue to interact with them while on earth.


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