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I Felt Empty For So Long, Until I Found Jesus – Opeoluwa

My name is Olawale, Opeoluwa Wonuola and here’s My Salvation Story.

I fell to my knees, shut my eyes and for the first time ever, I felt the reality of Jesus.

Like the stories you’ve heard a thousand times before, I was raised in a Christian home where I was expected to know God, the Source of life for myself. Sadly, I didn’t. My mum used to tell my siblings and I stories of how she often saw Jesus and heaven in night visions. And whenever she did, I often wondered why it had to be just her.

I, on the other hand, was living a lie and I was tired of it. On the outside, I was the perfect teenager, but heaven knows how distressed I was on the inside. My imaginations were predominantly sensual such that if it were possible to get pregnant through such imaginations, I would have been first in line. I hated this act, but I couldn’t seem to help it and this consequently caused me so much distress. These moments of struggle often left me with the same kind of shame one would feel when being hung naked on a tree. I felt morally bankrupt and empty and needed to learn how to stop or at least know that God was there to help me, even though I was not sure who God was.

I have always desired to make an impact in this crazed world, I had these big dreams, but my dreams often seemed to hit a roadblock every time. This hurt and caused secret tears to flow ceaselessly, all for fear that I’d end up living a meaningless life. The lustful thoughts made this even worse.

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Being “dragged” to Church, without any sense of truly understanding why, helped me in a way. My questions and emptiness met with Jesus during a Bible Study meeting in January 2007. Pastor Ajagunna was teaching about how Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and Life. It was an unusual Bible study in which He expatiated on the place of Jesus as Life and spoke so passionately about how this Life could fill a person up. This was perfect for me – someone who had been and felt empty all this while. I wanted something that could come in to take up the space that lust occupied. It was not commonplace for an invitation to receive Jesus to be made during our Bible study meetings – we just studied, prayed and left, but this time such invitation was made, and I knew it was for me. I fell to my knees, shut my eyes and for the first time ever, I felt the reality of Jesus. I received Him as my Lord and Saviour, confessing Him as the son of God Who died and rose to save me. At first, it only felt magical, and then, it became magical.

Jesus became real to me.

Suddenly, right there on my knees with my eyes shut, still praying with tears streaming down my face, as I asked for the Life of Jesus to fill me considering I wasn’t doing so well on my own, I saw a light. I mean I literally saw a light. In shock, I fell on my face in a pool of tears. He had come to me not just as the Life I requested but as Light. Jesus became real to me!

For a while, I struggled to recover from what I had just experienced. I couldn’t believe the fact that the same Jesus I had sung lifelessly about in previous ministrations was indeed so real.

I took on a new mantra that day which I couldn’t stop repeating. “Can you believe what happened to me?” I asked everyone I interacted with at school the next day (I was in my final year of secondary school). I told almost anyone who cared to listen that Jesus appeared to me. I sang more soulfully. Healings and worship became synonymous to me. Just as I had seen the Light, I could sense His Love all around. The minister who offered me Jesus’ salvation had made this statement: “Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart. Let Him into every part of your life, and not just the living room”. This radically changed how I lived my life.

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Purpose in Trials

Despite this most amazing experience, the sensual thoughts still came, only this time I responded better in faith to such thoughts. I began rather, to see a purpose in the temptations I faced and a call to live for God, rather than to live in guilt and shame. This provided a way out of the darkness and emptiness that was quickly ravaging my life. All I had left to do, was walk in that way I had found. The words of the minister helped. He had made it clear, and I believed, that I had been forgiven and made new. This caused a huge shift for me making me less sin-conscious and more Jesus-conscious, thus saving me from guilt and doubt.

My Staying Grace

The Holy Spirit, Who lives in me, ceaselessly reveals God’s love to me, continually nudging, leading me to walk on in Christ. This constitutes my staying grace.

Sometimes in church, you’ll find people as ‘sick’ (spiritually weak) as you. This is no reason to stay away from fellowship. The church is meant to serve as a hospital, a place for broken people seeking healing, growing in health. Staying in Christ becomes extremely difficult when you decide to stay alone. Fellowshipping with others, seeking to know more of God and seeking His help during trying times constitutes a great part of my journey in Christ.

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

(Romans 10:9)

Thank you, for this opportunity to share My Salvation Story. It is a privilege to be named amongst the saved. The daily unraveling journey continues with so much more to be learned. Thanks again.

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I Felt Empty For So Long Until I Found Jesus – Opeoluwa

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