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will you follow urgently when Jesus calls? awe 365

Will You Follow Urgently?

Day 341
Verse of the day

They immediately left their nets and followed Him.

Mark 1:18

Walking with Jesus always demands some degree of urgency. When He was on earth, He expressed both restful waiting and intense urgency which both depended on His Father’s leading.

The disciples – James, John, Andrew and Simon – were all fishermen. They depended on this for livelihood. And yet when Jesus, the one who was declared to be ‘the lamb of God’ appeared and made an unelaborated demand: “follow me and I will make you fishers of men,” they IMMEDIATELY left their nets and followed Him – despite the demands of their work.

There were no prolonged goodbyes, no farewell parties, no careful deliberations. These men responded to Jesus’ call radically and with urgency. They left all behind, withholding nothing.

This response to His call turned their worlds downside-up.

We should react to Jesus’ call just like these disciples did. No careful deliberation like the rich man who asked to go bury his father first before following Jesus. When Jesus calls, He expects immediate response. And when we move in faith, we will find that all things would take care of itself.

No ‘legitimate’ excuse is justifiable with Him. What matters is have you heard His call? Will you obey?

A season of quietly waiting on Him would often result in instructions to “follow me.” Our urgency must kick in at this point: at the first sound of His voice.

So, for Jesus, wait by the shorelines, look out for Him, and when He comes saying, “follow me,” do not delay, just follow. Move with the urgency His call demands and deserves.

Reference: John 1:29, Luke 9:59-60

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Today’s Prayer 

Lord help me know the ways you’re asking me to follow you and help me move my feet with urgency to your call.

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