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Give The Devil No Place

Day 239
Verse of the day

…nor give place to the devil.

Ephesians 4:27

We are seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. If the devil has no place in Christ, then he has no place in us. He isn’t more powerful than we are; we are in charge. We have the ability to either permit him an entrance or leave him outside our lives and circumstances. He constantly seeks one who will give him a place to steal, kill and destroy. On his own, he has no place or power.

The devil is deceitful, he is the father of lies. So it is his nature to try to stick his fingers into our territory while watching for our response. When we don’t keep him out, he tries a foot, and when we do nothing, he invades and establishes himself in our matter. All he needs is our permission.

How do we give the devil a place?

We do this when we live contrary to our nature of love and authority in Christ. The verses preceding today’s text focus on anger as one of the ways the devil finds a place in our lives. An angry man is termed mad because he is not in his right frame of mind. Even Science has said that the brain reactions of an angry man are similar to that of a madman. Anger clouds proper judgment. It invades our ability to discern things by the Spirit and allows us to engage in the irrational things the devil suggests to us. The devil’s will thrives in an angry mind.

How do we ensure that we do not give the devil a place?

We give no place to the devil when we work in the Love of God in our heart. The love of God constrains us to good works. With God’s grace embedded in His love, we can surpass our human capabilities and live according to the nature that God has given us.

References: Ephesians 2:6

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Today’s Confession

By your help Father, beginning today, I will give no place to the devil in my life.

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