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Give Yourself A Break

Day 300
Verse of the day

It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows; for so He gives His beloved sleep.

Psalm 127:2

Sometimes we fail to realize that Daddy has called us to a life of rest. This is what grace entails.

Besides being saved from sin, His grace causes us to live a life of utmost rest and dependence on Christ and all that He has done for us. When we lose sight of this call to rest, we live like our fulfillment lies in how much we labor, instead of it lying in our position in Him. So we run the same rat race we see the world run. We rise early, sit up late, not because He directs us to do so, but because we believe it is our way to success or fulfillment.

The Psalmist, under Daddy’s inspiration, describes our endless striving and labor as being vain. None of it counts as fulfillment in Daddy’s eyes. When He recommends industry and hard work, He doesn’t recommend overwork, He doesn’t ask that we work ourselves into the ground. Even in our pursuit of Him and His will, He makes provision for rest. He gives us restful sleep and respite from our labors.

So if you are always busy, stressed, seldom at rest, awake even while you sleep, you are living a life He disapproves of. Give yourself a break.

Please attempt to answer these questions:

Was Jesus as stressed about life as you currently are? Does your fulfillment lie in how much you labor and gain for yourself or in how well you live in obedience to His will?

I pray your responses guide you into His complete will for you.

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Today’s Confession

Daddy, please teach me to find rest in You. Help me to know and understand that my success and fulfillment lies not in much labor but in living in accordance with Your will.

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