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God Delights In Our Conversations About Him

Day 307
Verse of the day

Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another, and the Lord listened and heard them; so a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the Lord and who meditate on His name.

Malachi 3:16

Apart from Himself, what is God’s greatest gift to creation? Is it the air we breathe, the morning sun or the moon at night? Or is it Man, us, His people?

We are the peak of His creation, His joy, His song; the express image of His person, His greatest gift to Himself and to creation. We are His major preoccupation. Else, why would He listen in on our conversations.

Just as God’s greatest gift to Himself is His people, so His greatest gift to you and me, besides Jesus, is His people. A proper understanding of this redefines how well or poorly we would regard the conversations we hold with our brothers and sisters, His sons and daughters.

Imagine you pray to God concerning a need that’s stayed with you for so long that it hurts. Which would you prefer in response? The grandeur of an angel’s appearance to deliver the answer, the simplicity of a member of your close Christian community? Chances are you’d prefer the angelic experience. If so, why? Why prefer an angel to someone who comes with the very nature of God? Aren’t we of greater value than angels?

Most often when God sends us light, help, and comfort, He sends us people, people ready and willing to introduce us into portions of Him that they have gained. This is why we must stir up ourselves not to despise anyone who believes, not even the little children but must pay attention to how the Spirit desires that we interact with them. We must hold in high regard our conversations and meditations around the name of God.

Daddy listens and delights in our conversations about Him. Rather than keep a record of our wrongs, he keeps a record of our good deeds practiced from a pure heart and with pure motives, even things as minute as exhorting one another in Him.

Therefore, be open to interactions with your brothers and sisters about Daddy. Heaven takes record of all that goes on in these conversations, no matter how inconsequential they may seem.

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Today’s Confession

Father, it is deeply satisfying to know that You delight in us and in the conversations we have about You. In response, I promise to be more deliberate about these conversations that we all may bring you more delight and come into greater knowledge of You.

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