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God Has Got All Day

Day 314
Verse of the day

But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

2 Peter 3:8

“I haven’t got all day! Literally!”

There is this impatience about Man and everything we do. We want things done and in good time too. When you think about it, you really can’t blame the person who has little or no chill; ‘time waits for no one’, they say.

But this phrase is not applicable in God’s realm which, of course, now is our realm.

Time has been waiting for you and me. Time waits. God waits. He has been waiting. He is still waiting. God has got all day.

When we look at the society and all the ills going on around us, we might be tempted to think there is a laxity about God, He is slow; we miss that this ‘laxity’ is born out of love. It is this slowness to anger that is the reason mercy cries for us. But of course, we don’t see the lens when it points at us. It’s a lot easier to view it on others and their crimes. Big example, Jonah. He was told to go toNineveh and speak to its people so they could repent of their sins. He was reluctant because he felt they deserved to die for their sins (he may have had a point), and when he eventually did, He was angry because God forgave them of their sins even to the point of asking God to kill him. To teach him a lesson, God provided him with some temporary comfort, this made Jonah happy and forget his momentary anger. Then God took it all away from him. Jonah was angry until God explained that if Jonah could care so much for such temporary thing, howmuch more would God care for His own people. 

God looked upon us and our sins and sent Jesus to die in our place. There is the Holy Spirit around us nudging us towards God, steering us in divine ways. Sin floats around us, yet, daily, God is working on you…working on me…making us just like Him.

It may be hard to take these crimes around us – they hurt, make our head boil and our stomach turn but think about mercy crying out for someone else. That someone could have been you.

Bible References: Jonah 4

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Today’s Confession

Father, thank you for your immeasurable love that has kept me here. Help me to learn to be patient with others.

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