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God-planned Incidences

Day 311
Verse of the day

All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet.

Matthew 1:22

A priest struck dumb while performing his priestly duties. A pregnant virgin. A census. A certain prophetess fasting and praying daily in the temple. All of these people and events occurring to the causal looker may seem unrelated.  However, someone unseen was organizing things for a reason. The Father through His spirit was inspiring people and orchestrating occurrences for a purpose – that the Messiah may be born and all men come to redemption through Him.

There are many stories throughout history that show how seemingly unrelated and uncoordinated events were actually planned orchestrations of a divine Father who watches over His children! Beloved, Father is not quiet about you. He is actively present in your life in seen and unseen ways. There are no coincidences about your life, Father is intentional about you! You are walking into places, conversations are happening, encounters are occurring that may seem normal but are actually God-planned incidences!

Therefore, you may not see the full picture just yet. You may not know how the events occurring in your life fit together. It may not “make sense” right now. However, Father wants you to be rest assured in His promise that He is working all things together for good. He is directing events that you may or may not know about to ensure that His desire over you is fulfilled and that his eternal purpose is accomplished. Continue in obedience to Him, follow Him where He leads, and leave Him to do the rest.

He is faithful, and will not let you down.

Have a wonderful day!

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Today’s Confession

Father, I thank You because You are orchestrating events for Your purpose. Help me to continue listening to You in prayer that I may follow You wherever You lead me. 

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