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God's judgment is praise-worthy, awe 365

God’s Judgment Is Praise-Worthy

Day 330
Verse of the day

Let the rivers clap their hands; let the hills be joyful together before the Lord, for He is coming to judge the earth.

Psalms 98:8, 9

Often, we praise Him for obvious reasons (things He has done for us), which in most cases are ephemeral but which doesn’t still render our praises irrelevant; the food He provides, the shelter He gives, His protection from evil, amongst other things. However, it is amazing that the psalmist is asking the entire universe to praise God for His coming judgment; for His righteous judgment.

Would you have thought of praising God for His coming judgment? I doubt. Not many would. But it is indeed a cause for us to praise. He is a righteous judge who would only do righteous judgment. There is no iota of partiality with Him. This is praise-worthy.

For this, we rejoice knowing well that the Lord judges righteously. He judges His people graciously.  We won’t be condemned nor punished because we have been discharged and acquitted! We are no longer guilty; we have been made free by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. 

We are grateful to God for sending His Son to take our place. We praise Him and worship Him for being our advocate. If He wasn’t, we would be sinners awaiting condemnation. So, among the things we praise God for, we should also include His gracious judgment which has alienated us from condemnation. Also, knowing this inevitable part to God, we persuade men to seek Him.

We rejoice knowing well that the Lord judges righteously. He judges His people graciously.Click to Tweet
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Today’s Confession

Lord, I praise You for being a righteous judge, and an advocate who has taken my place and declared me free from the judgment and condemnation for sin.

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