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Verse of the day
Day 187

While I live I will praise the LORD; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.

Psalm 146:2

Life sometimes gets messy. Many things are hard to do. And high up on the list of hard things to do is praising God when we’re faced with things that are bent on taking our eyes off Him. Yet, here, the Psalmist makes a vow to praise God all his life.

There is a peculiarity to the Scriptures frequent use of absolutes. “All the time”, “Nothing”, “Always”, “All my life”. The converse is the case with the flesh when dealing with God, there are rarely absolutes. Give the whole of my being to God?

The reason the psalmist would make such an assertion is not farfetched – he understood early how that we exist to make much of God. When we understand this truth, our every breath becomes filled with His purposes. We instruct our souls to boast in God even when we don’t seem to have a reason to do so.

Praise the Lord,

As long as our eyes are blind to the lordship, greatness and majestic love of God, true praise will be a chore. How do you boast in or make much of a Person who is small in your eyes? And here is much of the believer’s problem a lack of sight.

God is worthy of praise on your high as well as your low days. He is praiseworthy irrespective of what your present circumstances are. Temptations are, therefore, often aimed at taking your eyes off the Lord. It is a temptation that robs God of the glory due to Him.

My Soul

I could imagine the Psalmist sitting his soul down and having a little chat. It would be more like him preaching a sermon to his weary, blind soul that failed at “feeling” his praise. And this is something we must do as often as needed – speaking Truth to this soul that was made to rest and delight in God.

This is a fight for the glory of God and a battle for our purpose and birthright and it begins with seeing the utmost desirability and praise-worthiness of God.

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Today’s Prayer

Lord, I praise You for who You are. You are eternally worthy of my praise. 

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2 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

  1. Wow. Thank you guys for this. It’s rich and insightful. Last year was quite a year for me. There were temptations, struggles, weary and teary moments. There were times I’d just pray. There were times also when I’d just cry like I didn’t know how to pray. And there were times I’d smile in the midst of a tumultuous phase because I’d hear Abba whisper something in my spirit and I’d just laugh like a “fool”(in quote). I’d then realise that no matter what I go through, I’m always His.
    Nothing changes God. He is who He is and should be praised regardless of situation. This is a revelation that I gradually began receiving.
    Even believers need this reminder often. As scripture admonishes we continue to encourage one another as the time draws near.
    Hence, AWE, thank you again for this AWEsome reminder.

    1. “…no matter what I go through, I’m always His.” Profound words here Maureen. Quite profound, for nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. I’m also glad that through all these challenges you eventually found a place of resignation and rest in His will. It is my prayer that your rest increases and never ceases.

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