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He Makes All Things New

Day 211
Verse of the day

Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and faithful.”

Revelations 21:5

God, the Creator of the universe, who speaks things forth from nothing is still very much in the business of creating, having made one of His greatest creations in you when He made you a new creature in Him, putting in you a new heart and a new Spirit just like His. He made you a new man whose pasts never existed no matter what it contained.

Eyes have never seen, nor ears heard, neither has it entered into any heart the Great new things God will do for us who love Him. He promises to make ALL things new. Even the broken-hearted, the hopeless, and weak will be given a new heart.

A new earth and a new heaven will also be made where there is no sorrow, no pain, no struggle, no scorching sun, no heavy storm, no flood. A new earth and heaven made just for you to live and dwell within Dad. He makes all things new in Him.

And just in case you had doubts, He places emphasis on the reliability of His word. His word is forever Faithful and True. He has never lied and will never lie. Whatever He says, He will do. He is 100% true and faithful to His word even when we doubt.

Your present pain cannot be compared to the new things in store for you. He bears the pain, the shame, the feelings with you and will help you walk through them. He will bring newness and freshness to those things that bring you sorrow in your home, business, relationships, academics etc.

Do not give up. Trust in the faithful and true word of the Father that says “I will MAKE ALL THINGS NEW”.

Reference: 1 Corinthians 2:9

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Your present pain cannot be compared to the things He has in store for you. He bears the pain, the shame, the feelings with you and will help you walk through them.Click To Tweet


Today’s Confession

Father, I’ll stay faithful and believing in You. I put my trust in the infallibility of your Word Who promises that all things would be made new. I am new just as all things in me receive this newness.

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