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Here’s How To Live

Day 148
Verse of the day

You will show me the path of life; in your presence is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Psalm 16:11

You will show me the path of life

There is a way to live and many ways not to live. In his intimate walk and communion with God, the shepherd, psalmist, warrior and king David discovered a salient truth still relevant today.

Man loves to work and have something he can take credit for. Therefore, a lifestyle of righteousness accomplished by works, and (impure) religion, man’s developed way of accessing God holds much weight with him. He desires to hold on to a price he paid, an effort he made to reach God.

David recognized the futility of this and pointed us all to God’s responsibility to show us the path of life which eventually is a call to a life of rest.

There are many paths, but one leads to life. There are many paths, but one leads to eternal pleasures. When God shows us this path of life, He shows us a path He made; this only is and leads to life. This path is Christ, who in His death and resurrection granted us access to Father (John 14:6). All other existing paths have been constructed by man courtesy his knowledge of good and evil. These are the paths of death.

At Your right hand are pleasures evermore

Christ sits at Father’s right hand. In Him dwells the everlasting pleasures. One, therefore, must not only believe in Christ but must, in belief, receive, learn and live the life that He gives. When one fails to do this, he struggles to experience the fullness of joy that His Presence brings and the everlasting pleasures at His right hand. Such a person struggles to understand how the knowledge of Christ alone results in everlasting pleasures.

To walk daily in the path of life that Father reveals is to watch and do all that we see Him do (John 5:19).

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Today’s Confession

Dad, I will do nothing on my own but only what I see you do. I’ll devise no path for myself but will walk in the path which you have prepared before me.

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