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How Good Are You?

Day 336
Verse of the day

And circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, not in the letter; whose praise is not from men but from God

Romans 2:29

It would help us early in our walk with Jesus to know what matters to Him. He is Lord of our lives. We aren’t, other believers aren’t, nonbelievers aren’t.

Realizing this would set us on the right path with Him and would help us know what to expend our hearts on and what not to.

We naturally desire to be good, to do good with regards to what we think is good, and what our immediate community considers to be good. And often this ‘common sense’ idea of good is what we aspire to, where everyone, regardless of faith (or religion) agree to what good is and pursue it. But when we begin to see Jesus as Lord of our lives, when we see Him as ‘the good Lord’, goodness takes on a different meaning.

He was hated by a great part of His immediate community and maybe we will too. He is still hated by a number and maybe we will too. With Jesus, good becomes less communal and more personal, and sometimes even the ‘common sense’ idea of good may be evil to Him.

Who determines how good you are? He does. We can only be good people by constantly leaning into Him. By doing so, we have our motives refined and receive and live out a nature of goodness that doesn’t depend on people.

And if by chance we fail to do right in certain situations, we know whether we truly have received a circumcised heart by how we react when things are made clear to us. Do we react positively to God’s assessment of us or do we sweep it under the rug claiming that ‘Christ has paid it all’? Rather than make amends or learn to better live out our good nature? What do you do when confronted with God’s Truth? Run and hide or face Him until you’re made new.

A heart circumcised would at the end of the day lead to actions purified.

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Today’s Confession 

Secure, guide my heart, Lord. Let me seek your approval alone in all that I am or do.

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